Our Story

With two bikes and a cell phone, newlyweds Jared and Heather Fisher started a bicycle business out of their first apartment in Green Valley in 1992. The two bikes were rented until they could purchase more bikes, then a van, then more vans, followed by a bike shop in Summerlin and one in Moab. The tour business was also growing steadily as Jared and Heather worked hard, eating, sleeping, and breathing everything bikes. Eventually it became too much for the two college students so they reorganized the business and created a three-pronged team of friends, cyclists, mechanics, and guides, all with the same passion for…you guessed it…bikes! Today for Las Vegas Cyclery, Moab Cyclery, Escalante Cyclery, Escape Adventures, and The Aquarius Trail Hut System, this passion lives on, thanks to all the friendships and experiences gained from the world’s greatest sport.

Jared and Heather Fisher


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